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Acquisitions, Appraisals & Dismantling

Jan Gale
Executive Vice President

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Office: +1 609 227 4543
Mobile: +1 732 995 9951

Ross Gale
- Global Equipment Acquisitions
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Office: +1 609 227 4543
Mobile: +1 732 616 4009

Brad Faleska
Director - Global Plant Acquisitions
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Office: +1 609 227 4543
Mobile: +1 609 475 2166

Learn more about IPP's Surplus Asset Purchasing Capabilities

Global Plant Sales

Michael Joachim
VP, Global Plant Sales

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Direct: +1 609 838 5930
Mobile: +1 609 516 9107

India and The Far East

Narendra Vaswani 

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Office: +91-265-2341057
Mobile +91-98250-64345

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International Process Plants
Your Partner For Complete Plant Solutions™
& Quality Used Process Equipment
"Cut Your Capital Requirements and Lead Time in Half vs Buying New"

International Process Plants is a global provider of used process plants and used process equipment, focused on the buying and selling of previously owned manufacturing assets to worldwide clients in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, refining, paper, plastic, and power generation industries.

Find over 100 complete process plants for sale, 30,000 pieces of used process equipment for sale and numerous plots of Industrial Real Estate for sale.

IPP has been serving clients for over 35 years by:

  • Buying and selling complete processing plants, often with the real estate and facilities included 
  • Buying and selling complete processing lines and systems 
  • Buying and selling power plants and utility equipment

Saving Process Manufacturers Scarce, Critical Resources: Time & Money

Clients that buy previously owned assets from IPP typically save 30-50% vs the cost of a new plant or piece of equipment. Equipment can ship in days, shaving up to 80% from typical OEM delivery time periods. Previously owned plants can be dismantled, shipped and reassembled in 18-24 months, shaving years off the typical time to market for design engineering, constructing and launching a new process plant.  Read more about IPP's plants or equipment businesses.

Clients who sell their assets to IPP get a safe, efficient & cost-effective solution to convert idled or surplus plants and equipment into immediate funds for their core business . Read more about the benefits of selling manufacturing plants and equipment to IPP.


Sanitary Tank Liquidation
over 75 Tanks, Reactors and Pressure Vessels
Immediately Available

image of some sanitary chemical storage tanks for sale

Previously used in shampoo, hair conditioner and hair dye applications

IPP’s World Headquarters are located in the New York/Philadelphia area in Hamilton, New Jersey with offices and infrastructure in twelve (12) additional countries:

  • Czech Republic
  • Romania
  • Poland 
  • China
  • India
  • Taiwan

IPP President Discusses Strategic Advantages of Selling & Buying Idled or Surplus Manufacturing Assets

Interview with Ron Gale on Talk Business 360 Radio Program

Read Interview Transcript (PDF)

Gas Fired CHP Cogen 10MW Power Plant

Burns Biogas, Landfill, Methane & Natural Gas

New Unused Process Equipment Available!

NEW/UNUSED Hastelloy Equipment. Most Built 2011.

photo of new unused hastelloy equipment

New Unused Sulzer Boiler Feed Water Pumps

  • Sulzer pump, Horizontal 7 Stage, Manufactured by Sulzer Inc.
  • Model Number MBN50-215/07.
  • 387 GPM @ 1660 TDH
  • Duplex Stainless Steel
  • 720 psi.
  • 4" suction, 2" discharge, both in the vertical position.
  • 300 HP 3/60/460 volt high efficiency motor.

Typical uses include: boiler feed water, power station condensate supply, desalination reverse osmosis, skyscraper water supply.

 (3 Left - Stock #'s 214894, 214895,214896)

image of unused surplus Sulzer MBN pump #214894

image of Unused Sulzer MBN pump #214895

New Unused Heat Exchangers

All are 304SS Tube Side / Carbon Steel Shell - TEMA type NEN Horizontal, all  built in 2007.

Tubes FV/100 psi / Shell Side 100 psi :

5,184 Sq Ft: IPP # 214873
3,746 Sq Ft: IPP # 214861
2,204 Sq Ft
: IPP # 214868
1,571 Sq Ft: IPP # 214875

Tubes FV/150 psi / Shell Side 195 psi 

2,435 Sq Ft: IPP # 214874

Multiple quantities in inventory, including some vertical units, call 1 609 227 4543 or send us an email for more info.

Unused Surplus Heat Exchangers #214873

Unused Surplus Heat Exchanger Stock #214865

New Unused Roll Mill

New Unused, Surplus Iddon Brothers - Roll Mill IPP # 104128

  • 8" dia (200mm) x 16" face (400mm) 2-roll mill.
  • Mfd by Iddon.
  • Driven by 11 KW, 1440 rpm motor thru David Brown gearbox, Type BU, Size 800, ratio 25:1, roll speed 15.5 rpm.
  • Knife discharge.
  • Brake 250mm Dewhurst, NS type, 3/50/380 volts.

Image of Unused Surplus 2-Roll Mill IPP # 104128

Equipment Sales

US Based Global Sales

Amanda Vagell
Click To Email Amanda
+1 609 838 5929

Patti Buchman
Click To Email Patti
+1 609 838 5928

Keith West
Click To Email Keith
+1 609 838 5931

Brian Brink
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Regional Offices

Central & South America, Caribbean (Based at US HQ)

Office: +1-609-586-8004

Elisa Lucumi
Click To Email Elisa
+1 609 838 5927

Edis Castillo
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UK - IPP Europe HQ

Andorra, African Continent, Cyprus, Espana, Ελλάδα (Greece), Faroe Islands, Gibraltar, Ísland (Iceland), Italia, Kalaallit Nunaat (Greenland), Repubblika ta' Malta, Entire Middle East except Israel, Principauté de Monaco, Norge (Norway), San Marino, Sverige (Sweden), Suomi (Finland), Türkiye, The United Kingdom

Jo Petrie
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Office: +44 1642 367 910
Direct: +44 (0)1642 367 913
Mobile: +44 7770 748884

Nicola Douglas
Click To Email Nicola
Office: +44 1642 367 910
Mobile: 44 7940 981 681

Western Europe

Belgium, Danmark, Deutschland, France, Fürstentum Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Nederland, Switzerland

Regina Zarmer
Western Europe
Sales & Purchasing

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Office: +49-306-594-2445
Mobile: +49-172-313-8439

Eastern Europe & Western Asia

Albania Shqipëri, Armenia Հայաստան, Azərbaycan, Bashkortostan, Bielaruś, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Hrvatska (Croatia), Česká republika, Eesti (Estonia), Georgia საქართველო, Magyarország (Hungary), Қазақстан Qazaqstan (Kazakhstan), Kirghizia Кыргызстан, Krygyzstan Кыргызстан, Latvija, Lietuva (Lithuania), Macedonia Македонија, Republica Moldova, Polska, România, Российская Федерация (Russia), Serbia, Slovensko, Slovenija, Ҷумҳурии Тоҷикистон (Tajikistan), Türkmenistan, Україна (Ukraine), O‘zbekiston Respublikasi (Uzbekistan)

Bohumil Cuta
Eastern Europe, Western Asia
Sales & Purchasing

Click To Email Bohumil
Office: +42-054-821-6680
Mobile: +42-060-273-7517

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