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European Chemical Industry Review

European Chemical Industry Review

The chemicals industry across the world is constantly in flux. A recent report by the European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC) shows the competitive pressures on the European chemicals sector continue to rise despite a growing global demand for chemicals and improvements to the environmental and energy efficiency performance. 
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  • In 2016 IPP announced that they will be restarting the fiber manufacturing facility. This restart will have a huge positive impact on the Darlington & Florence areas in created at least 250 new jobs.
    — Darlington Development
  • The former Krikby Kodak Site in the UK at one time nearly 500 people. As part of the kodak bankruptcy all of those jobs were lost. IPP bought the site and created a flexible active industrial business park that today employees over 250 people, with and expected growth to add another 200 back to the workforce.
    — Tony Field.
  • IPP sold and relocated a 500 ton /day Nitric Acid Plant from Texas to India for us. This purchase enabled us to expand our capacity footprint by 100%, and significantly faster than sourcing a new plant.
    — A Global Fertilizer Company

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