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15852 gallon praj industries stainless steel tank
( 60006 liter praj industries stainless steel tank )

IPPE Stock Number: 235464

Equipment Category TANK
Capacity 15852 GALLON / 60006 LITER
Product Description UNUSED, 15,852 Gallon, 316 SS, vertical vapor liquor seperating tank for Effect # 4. Rated for FV/10 psi at 149 degrees F. Manufactured by Praj Industries, serial # 06D058-V1505B. 11' 8' diameter x 16' 6" straight side with welded dish top head, and cone bottom (4' 11" long),mounted on skirt lug ring supports. Four top lifting trunnions. Nozzle schedule is Top-One 6", one 1" and one 1/2" nozzle, sides-two 24" manways, two 3",one 2", and one1/2", and the bottom has a 28" center bottom outlet.


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