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IPPE Inventory Photo

2 liter pressure products autoclave
( 2 liter pressure products autoclave )

Stock Number: 222582    Capacity: 2 liter / 2 liter
Description: 2.5 liter, 316SS 5000 PSI Autoclave, manufactured by Pressure Products, Serial Number AOH134779. rated 5000 PSI @ 350 degrees C. Chamber is 4" ID x 13". Mounted in a stand with a belt driven agitator, 3/4 hp 3/60/230 volt....


IPPE Inventory Photo

2 liter pressure products autoclave
( 2 liter pressure products autoclave )

Stock Number: 222583    Capacity: 2 liter / 2 liter
Description: 2.5 Liter 316SS Autoclave, Rated 5000 PSI @ 300 degrees C. Manufactured by Pressure Products, Serial number AOH21639. With electric heating coils around exterior shell. With belt driven agitator, 3/4 HP, 3/60/230/460 volt....


IPPE Inventory Photo

1 liter autoclave
( 1 liter autoclave )

Stock Number: 213023    Capacity: 1 liter / 1 liter
Description: .5 liter 316SS Parr autoclave. Serial number 112095, rated 3000 psi @ 350 degrees F, with Electric heating mantle rated 400 watt, 115 volt, 60 cycle. Top mounted agitator, 1/12 hp 25000 rpm continous duty. 3" diameter x...


IPPE Inventory Photo

26 liter autoclave
( 26 liter autoclave )

Stock Number: 201487    Capacity: 26 liter / 26 liter
Description: 223 liter Sterilizer Autoclave, type H, serial number 84204, manufactured by Webeco GmbH, Bad Schwartau, Germany. Internal pressure -1/2.5 bar @ 138 degrees C. Vessel is 600mm diameter x 1000 mm straight side, clamp top...


IPPE Inventory Photo

19 liter fluidtron autoclave
( 19 liter fluidtron autoclave )

Stock Number: 204299    Capacity: 19 liter / 19 liter
Description: 5 gallon 316SS 250 PSI vertical autoclave, manufactured by Fluitron, Model A5-20, Serial number 9501-6417, rated 250PSIG. With 2HP 3/60/230/460V, 1730 rpm drive.


IPPE Inventory Photo

30 liter blaw knox autoclave
( 30 liter blaw knox autoclave )

Stock Number: 102432    Capacity: 30 liter / 30 liter
Description: 30 gal Blaw Knox 316SS vert jkt autoclave. Flat bolt top, dish btm. SN 53-7704, U-stamp #88. Int rated 600 psi @ 284 deg F, jkt rated 75 psi @ 284 deg F. Has 5 HP Phila str thru design agit drive, direct driven by 5 HP, 3/60/230/460...


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