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299 tons tower chiller
( 904176 kcal/h tower chiller )

IPPE Stock Number: 216331

Equipment Category CHILLER
Sub Group TOWER
Capacity 299 TONS / 904176 KCAL/h
Product Description 299 Nominal Tons, cooling tower manufactured by Baltimore Aircoil Company. Model # FXV-Q661, serial # 99606781. Capcity: 897 GPM (waster from 102 deg. F to 90 deg. F entering air web bulb and 1.15 PSIG fluid pressure drop). Constructed of galvanized steel. This unit is a single air inlet model, with a closed internal coil for process liquid. Internal coil volume 439 gallons, Fan HP, 45, pump hp 7.5. Connection sizes: Make Up water; 1.5”, coil 8”. Spray pump rated for 900 gpm. Dimensions as follows: 18’ 2”” long x 12’ wide x 16’ 5” high, 9’ 3” to top of access section, Spray pump sticks out 2’ 1”. (See drawing attached), Belt B100. 18’ x 11’10” x 16’4 1/4” assembled dimensions

Used Chillers, Used Refrigeration Compressors & Used Cooling Towers

Used ChillersInternational Process Plants has many used chillers for sale and other used processing equipment for use in industrial refrigeration.

Much like a Boiler is used to heat a process, a Chiller and other Refrigeration equipment is typically used to cool a process.

Chillers work by compressing a refrigeration gas (R132A, Freon, R22) into a liquid, and using a special refrigeration valve, releasing the compressed liquid back into a gas.

The conversion of the liquid back into a gas removes heat and creates cold. It is the same principal as when you use a can of compressed air to clean your computer keyboard. The longer you release the compressed air, the colder the can gets.

You use the cold that is created by using a heat exchanger for liquid cooling or air exchanger if you are cooling air.

Chillers are grouped by the type of compressor:

  • Centrifugal
  • Screw Type
  • Reciprocating

Chillers are further grouped by the type of cooling used to dispense the heat generated:

  • air cooled (radiators)
  • water cooled (condensers)

Chillers are typically a packaged design with the compressor, condenser, evaporator, pumps, valves and controls all skid mounted.

Chillers are often distinguished by the Tons of Refrigeration they produce and at what temperature. A rule of thumb to use when looking for the capacity of a chiller is 1 ton of refrigeration @ 40 degrees F for each horsepower the compressor uses. The lower the discharge temperature, the more horsepower is required.

Cooling towers are designed to take water that is heated during the refrigeration process and cool it quickly by passing it through a cooling tower where large fans cool the water.

Used, Unused, and re-conditioned Chillers instock. maufacturers include: Advantage, AEC, BAC, Berg, Bry-Air, Budzar, Carrier, Cincinnati, Conair, Cooling Technologies, DUNHAM BUSCH, Dunham/Bush, Fasti, FES, Frick, FTS SYSTEMS, GES, Jensen, Kinectic Dispersion, McQuay Snyder, McSaw, Neslab, R, Sterlco, Teco, Thermalcare/Mayer, Trane, Trane Co, Transtore, York .


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