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IPPE Inventory Photo

0 furnace
( 0 furnace )

Stock Number: 225315    Capacity: 0 / 0
Description: Spray Casting system with AVS Graphite Vacuum Furnace and robotic spray casting arm. The vacuum chamber is 60” diameter x 72” long Astro Series 1000A Graphite Vacuum Furnace with a 2 HP Kinney KMBD-850MS vacuum pump and...


IPPE Inventory Photo

mmbtu econo therm process furnace
(  econo therm process furnace )

Stock Number: 212800    Capacity: mmbtu /
Description: 15.00 mm/btu, vertical furnace (SU heater) manufactured by Econo-Therm. Rated for 2750 psi at 950 degrees F. 6 burners, with stack. Overall height 111', stack section is 33'3" high, furnace section is 10'6" high. Length...


IPPE Inventory Photo

kw furnace
(  furnace )

Stock Number: 209027    Capacity: kw /
Description: 6KW electric furnace, M anufactured by K.H. Huppert, Serial number 1421, Style 12FMPCIFHT, Type ST, 220 Volt. With 12" x 12" hinged front door.


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