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IPPE Inventory Photo

5283 gallons/hour apv homogenizer
( 20000 liters/hour apv homogenizer )

Stock Number: 220341    Capacity: 5283 gallons/hour / 20000 liters/hour
Description: 20,000 Liter/Hour @ 150 boar (5283 GPH, 2175 psi) 304SS APV Gaulin Homogenizer, 2 Stage, Type 5283MC 45-2,5TPSI. Motor and pump head enclosed in a SS housing. Manufactured by APV Gaulin Gmbh-Lubeck, Type 5283MC 45-2,5TPSI...


IPPE Inventory Photo

53 gph rannie homogenizer
( 200 l/hr rannie homogenizer )

Stock Number: 208470    Capacity: 53 gph / 200 l/hr
Description: 200 L/Hr @ 1000 Bar, Rannie Aseptic Homoginizer Type LAB 12.51H, Order Number 1-90.225. Rated capacity 200 L/Hr, @ 4-10 bar input pressure; 1,000 bar homogenization pressure, cooling water capacity 790 l/h, wit inlet temperature...


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