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IPPE Inventory Photo

mm/btu thermatrix incinerator
(  thermatrix incinerator )

Stock Number: 220624    Capacity: mm/btu /
Description: 140 SCFM @ 30 BTU/SCF, CS, Standard electric straight through thermal oxidizer, manufactured by Thermatrix. Model ES-100. Maximum flow rate for a lean fume stream (VOC) is 85 scfm (at 0 BTU/SCF) and is capable of handling...


IPPE Inventory Photo

mmbtu incinerator
(  incinerator )

Stock Number: 220700    Capacity: mmbtu /
Description: 2.9-20 mm BTU/hr, CS, thermal Oxidizer manufactured by John Zink. Shop order # AO-18309. Designed to incinerate two solvent laden gas streams using a small amount of Natural gas. One small solvent gas stream with a flow of...


IPPE Inventory Photo

mm btu john zinc incinerator
(  john zinc incinerator )

Stock Number: 214327    Capacity: mm btu /
Description: 10 mm BTU/Hr, 1800 degree F, John Zinc Thermal Oxidizer system, skid mounted design, with 10,350 Lbs/Hr waste heat boiler ( IPP # 214326). The thermal oxidizer is designed to incinerate various combinations of solvent laden...


IPPE Inventory Photo

mmbtu durr systems gmbh incinerator
(  durr systems gmbh incinerator )

Stock Number: 210004    Capacity: mmbtu /
Description: Approx. 5 mm BTU/hr, 48,450 m3/hr (28,516 CFM) (maximum) CS, Ecopure Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer, type RTOC3-3040, efficient exhaust gas purification system, manufactured by Durr Systems Gmbh, serial # 9377, order # 406-301-5...


IPPE Inventory Photo

mmbtu incinerator
(  incinerator )

Stock Number: 211411    Capacity: mmbtu /
Description: UNUSED, 551 CFM (peak) Process Combustion thermal oxidizer, Model NPO-1192-28. Dual burner design. Vertical design with vertical main combustion chamber , OD 36" x 168", with a 40' exhaust stack. Maximum destruction temperature...


IPPE Inventory Photo

mm btu incinerator
(  incinerator )

Stock Number: 3055    Capacity: mm btu /
Description: Approx 835 cfm Trane Thermal fume incinerator. Mfd by Trane Thermal Co. System designed to incinerate combustible chemical fumes for air pollution compliance. Operated on DMA plant Emissions w/max content of 127 lb/hr Dimethyl...


IPPE Inventory Photo

mmbtu trane incinerator
(  trane incinerator )

Stock Number: 34423    Capacity: mmbtu /
Description: 21.0MM BTUH Trane Thermal chlorinated hydrocarbon incinerator w/waste heat recovery. Designed for various chemical solvents entrapped w/water. Max flow of water for incineration 1550 lb/hr. Unit is rated @ 21MM BTUH system...


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