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IPPE Inventory Photo

120 gallon stainless steel kettle
( 454 liters stainless steel kettle )

Stock Number: 701990    Capacity: 120 gallon / 454 liters
Description: 120 gal (100 Imperial gal), 316SS vert jkt agit reactor. 40" dia x 12" str side, bolt flat top, weld hemi-btm. CS str jkt. Contra rotating agitators w/scrapers, top driven by 5 HP, 3/50/400/440 volt, 1420 rpm non-flameproof...


IPPE Inventory Photo

1000 gallon lee metal stainless steel kettle
( 3785 liters lee metal stainless steel kettle )

Stock Number: 108144    Capacity: 1000 gallon / 3785 liters
Description: 1,000 gallon 316SS sanitary vertical jacketed agitated kettle. 7'6" diameter x 18" straight side, open top with loose cover, hemi-dished bottom. Manufactured by Lee Metal, Serial #A-4920, National Board #2122. Jacket rated...


IPPE Inventory Photo

5 gallon sterling stainless steel kettle
( 19 liters sterling stainless steel kettle )

Stock Number: 100445    Capacity: 5 gallon / 19 liters
Description: 5 gallon 304SS vertical agitated kettle. 12" diameter x 6" straight side, open top w/loose 304SS 2-pc cover, weld hemi-bottom. Manufactured by Groen, SN TDC/2-20, NB #69935. Sterling mixer, adjustable speed w/plug cord...


IPPE Inventory Photo

gallon groen stainless steel kettle
(  groen stainless steel kettle )

Stock Number: 95920    Capacity: gallon /
Description: 25 gal sanitary 304SS jkt agit kettle. Mfd by Groen, SN 3450, NB #3450, Type TA25SP. Jkt rated 80 psi @ 650 deg F. Hemi-btm, flat top 2/3 hinged. Double agit setup, (1) anchor style agit, (2) 4-sets 2-pitched paddles. Driven...


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