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IPPE Inventory Photo

ed01 munson and rotating mixer
(  ed01 munson and rotating mixer )

Stock Number: 706277    Capacity: /
Description: Approx. 500 liter 316SS blender, bowl 3' diameter x 3" deep, bowl direct driven by 0.75 kw, 3/50/220/240/380/415 volt, 22-1400 rpm motor via gearbox, 2-s/steel internal baffles in bowl, manual geared bowl tipping mechanism...


IPPE Inventory Photo

150 cubic feet munson munson and rotating mixer
( 4 cubic meter munson munson and rotating mixer )

Stock Number: 200687    Capacity: 150 cubic feet / 4 cubic meter
Description: 150 cubic foot working capacity steel Munson mixer. total volume 188 cubic feet. Capable of handling 105 bags @ 94 Lbs/ cubic foot or 10000 lbs. Model FM 1869-K-7020. 9' diameter. Mounted on steel frames.


IPPE Inventory Photo

cuft munson munson and rotating mixer
(  munson munson and rotating mixer )

Stock Number: 97104    Capacity: cuft /
Description: 200 cu ft CS Munson rotary mixer. Shop #H36864. Unit measures 7'6" dia x 3' str side x (2) 3' cones. Tire and trunnion mtd. Belt driven by 20 HP, 3/60/550 volt, 1175 rpm (no gear reducer) thru belt drive shaft to sprocket....


IPPE Inventory Photo

cu ft munson munson and rotating mixer
(  munson munson and rotating mixer )

Stock Number: 85319    Capacity: cu ft /
Description: 60 cu ft working capacity, Munson CS rotary mixer. SN H-1393, Type NO4. 68" dia x 60" long drum. Driven by 10 HP, 3/60/220/440 volt, 1175 rpm TEFC motor via V-belts and chain drives. Openings: 17" x 12" feed, 13" x 13" discharge...

Used Mixers and Blenders for Industrial Processes

Used Mixers and Blenders - Processing Equipment Almost all industrial processes involve mixing or blending materials together, whether it is dry with dry, wet with dry or wet ingredients with wet ingredients. Mixer types vary as much as the mixed ingredients do. Mixing agitators or paddle mixers on tanks can mix thin liquids, double arm mixers are used with thicker, more viscous products like kneading dough or mixing pigments where as double cone blenders provide a more gentle blending.

IPP Stocks These Major Types of Industrial Mixers and Blenders

  • Change Can Mixers are vertical batch mixers where the container or “can” is separate from the mixing head and frame so that batches can be weighed and prepared before going on the mixer as well as be swapped easily.
  • Continuous – Zig-Zag blenders, Pug Mill mixers are examples of continuous mixers which often feature single or double screw/shaft designs.
  • Double-Arm Kneading Mixers are batch mixers with 2 counterrotating blades of various shapes and feature different ways to discharge the product with a tilting mechanism being the most common.
  • High Shear Mixers and Dispersers are similar to agitator drives with high speed rotating impellers or rotors that "work" the fluid, creating flow and shear in an intensive mixing environment.
  • Intensive / High-intensity Mixers include Banbury, Henschel and Papenmeier mixers, have mixing actions similar to a blender and are well suited for the rapid mixing of powders or granules with a liquid, dissolving solids and resins into a liquid and for removing volatiles from pastes under a vacuum.
  • Nauta Mixers are cone shaped vertical batch mixers that use a spinning helical screw to move the material upward while the entire screw revolves around the inside wall of the cone to ensure maximum circulation.
  • Ribbon and Paddle Mixers are batch mixers with a center shaft that runs the length of a trough. Shafts can have single or multiple ribbons, plow blades or paddles to mix the materials.
  • Twin Shell, “V" and Double Cone Blenders are batch tumble mixers that turn end over end to mix the product.


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