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IPPE / UGE Inventory Photo

10 gallon pfaudler exotic alloys reactor ; body
( 38 liters pfaudler exotic alloys reactor ; body)

Stock Number: 225356    Capacity: 10 gallon / 38 liters
Description: 10 gallon Hastelloy C276, Pfaudler clamp top jacketed reactor body.Manufactured by Pfaudler, Type JOWCT, Serial number R386-1227, National Board number 44470, rated 300 PSI/FV @ -20 to 480 degrees F internal; 150 psi @ -20...


IPPE / UGE Inventory Photo

3000 gallon panhandle/ roben exotic alloys reactor ; body
( 11356 liter panhandle/ roben exotic alloys reactor ; body)

Stock Number: 83389    Capacity: 3000 gallon / 11356 liter
Description: 3,000 gal Monel 400 clad vertical, 304SS half pipe jacket reactor body. 84" dia x 112" straight side, weld dish top and bottom. Manufactured by Panhandle, SN P-7736-H (20047). Jacket by Roben, SN 92075-1. Internal rated...


IPPE / UGE Inventory Photo

2500 gallon pfaudler exotic alloys reactor ; body
( 9464 liter pfaudler exotic alloys reactor ; body)

Stock Number: 82995    Capacity: 2500 gallon / 9464 liter
Description: 2,500 gallon Monel K-500 / Monel 400 alloy clad vertical jacket agitated reactor body. 84" dia x 96" str side, weld dish top and btm. Mfd by Pfaudler, NB #13202, SN 54658. Internal rated 150 psi @ 550 deg F; jacket rated...

Used Batch Reactor Vessels

Because most industrial processes are centered in some type of batch reactor, there is a wide variety to choose from in the market. IPP's selection is no different with over 1,000 different reactor vessels in stock covering all common reactor materials of construction, a wide range of pressure reactor ratings and supported temperature ranges, both horizontal and vertical reactor orientations, an array of agitated reactor styles as well as specific process reactor types like slurry, oscillatory baffled, laboratory, bench scale, catalyst and Buss loop reactors among others. If you are looking for hydrogenation reactors, check out stock numbers 218175, 217830, 90768.

Over 60 Different Chemical Reactor Manufacturers In Stock

Our broad array of batch and continuous reactors were produced by over 60 different companies, ranging from leading chemical reactor manufacturers like Pfaudler, De Dietrich, Brighton and Paul Mueller to custom fabrication companies like Roben Manufacturing Inc.

Guide to Sorting IPP's Reactor Types

Narrow your search by choosing one of the product sub-groups first. We sort by the 2 primary characteristics that distinguish different types of reactors:

  1. Is the reactor vessel lined, either with glass or a metal like lead or nickel?
  2. Material of construction - various forms of steel and alloy steels are used because of the diversity in common reactants' corrosive nature and chemical properties.

Large Selection of Reglassed and Glass Lined Reactors

Find your glass-lined reactor in one of the industry's largest selections of new/unused, good quality used and reconditioned glass reactors by well-known glass lined reactor manufacturers like Pfaudler and De Dietrich. IPP has the exclusive ability to redo the glass in chemical reactors through its affiliate partnership with Pfaudler known as Universal Glasteel Equipment (UGE).

Variety In Reactors' Construction

Choose from reactors made from carbon steel (CS), various grades of stainless steel (SS) such as 304, 316, 316L or from reactors and vessels made from high performance cobalt and nickel alloys like HASTELLOY® C-276, Special Metals' Monel 400 & K-500, Inconel 600 & 625, Incoloy 904 as well as from Titanium and Zirconium alloys.

Most chemical reactors are jacketed reactors where a heat transfer fluid flowing in the space between the jacket and the reactor vessel outer wall is used instead of a heating coil. The common types of jackets are:

  • Conventional / Simple - outer cylinder encloses the reactor
  • Dimple Jacket - hemispherical dimples pressed into the jacket plate that wraps the reactor, good for low temperature heat transfer and pressures < 300 psi
  • Partial / Half Pipe Coil Jacket - pipe is cut in half the long way then wrapped around reactor in helix, most versatile design used for both high and low temperature heat transfer and high pressure applications


Used Reactor
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