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Used Scrubbers

Used Processing Plant Equipment

Scrubbers are used to remove particles from a gas. Water is often used as the scrubbing agent, but other liquids may be employed.

The simplest type of scrubber is a spray tower. Liquid droplets are produced by spray nozzles at the top of the tower and are allowed to settle through the rising gas stream. Scrubber towers can also be packed or have impingement plates.

Venturi scrubbers use co-current water jets from spray nozzles to both scrub the gas and to provide the draft for moving the gas. No fan is required but water must pump in sufficient volume and at high enough pressure to provide both adequate draft and enough contacting power for the required scrubbing operation.

Mechanical scrubbers have a power driven rotor that produces the fine spray and the contacting of gas and liquid. As in the other types of scrubbers it is the droplets that are the principal collecting bodies for the dust particles. An entrainment separator must be used to prevent carry-over of spray.



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