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vara recovery systems ; vapor
(  vara recovery systems ; vapor)

IPPE Stock Number: 107979

Equipment Category SYSTEMS
Product Description 2,500 cfm vapor recovery system. Manufactured by Vara International, Protect #PC10089, Equip #1101. Major components include: (2) 2400 gallon vertical 316SS tanks, welded dished top, flat bottom. Openings: top 1-30", 1-3"; side 1-18" manway with bolt cover, 1-8" with pneumatic butterfly valve. (1) 150 gallon horizontal 316SS tank, flat heads. Openings: top 1-1"; head 1-1 1/2", 1-1"; bottom 1-1 1/4", 1-1". (1) 284 square feet 316SS tubes and shell, CS head heat exchanger. Manufactured by Doyle and Roth, Serial #J4386, National Board #12463. Shell side rated 75 psi @ 450 degree F, tube side rated 75 psi @ 450 degree F. (136) 1" OD x 8' long tubes. Openings: tube side 2-3", 1-6"; shell side 1-3", 1-2 1/4" threaded nozzles. (1) 12" diameter x 6'6" long fiberglass stripper system with 1 HP blower and 1 HP circulation pump. Mounted in cabinet. (1) 400 gallon 316SS vertical tank with flat 1/2 hinged top and flat bottom. Has approx 30 square feet bayonette heat exchanger. (1) 300 gallon horizontal 316SS tank, flat heads. (1) 7 1/2 HP New York CS blower. (1) steam coil.

Second Hand / Used Chemical Plant Recovery Systems - Solvent Recovery, Vapor Recovery, Waste Recovery

In addition to selling whole process plants and individual pieces of processing equipment, IPP also offers individual process lines or systems such as those used for solvent recovery, vapor recovery or waste recovery and recycling. In addition to the recovery systems you see here, we invite you to check out a selection of individual distillation, crystallization and recovery systems from a recent chemical plant liquidation.


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