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3696 hp terry(dresser rand) turbine
( 2756 kw terry(dresser rand) turbine )

IPPE Stock Number: 224525

Equipment Category TURBINE
Capacity 3696 HP / 2756 kW
Product Description 3696 HP, CS, steam driven turbine manufactured by Terry, Type F-17. Serial # 37871-A. Rated speed 4010 RPM, Trip set 4150 rpm. Inlet steam conditions :700 psi at 775 degrees F(max), Maximum Exhaust pressure: 4 hg ABS. Horizontal design with horizontally split case. Axial bladed with 17 wheels. 11 nozzles total, 4 groups. Inlet connection 600 psi 3", outlet 30" 125 psi. Governor by Woodward, type PG-PL. Serial #1181284, drive shaft speed 794-965 RPM, Control air setting 3-15 psi. Oil cooler by Young radiator company, rated for 150 psi. Auxiliary oil pump driven by a 2 ho AC GE electric motor. Electric oil heaters. Base mount oil tank 168 gallon capacity.

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