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Nara Model 5RW design paddle dryer/cooler with (2) agitators, each 15" diameter and 10' long. Continuous design. ASME coded jacketed trough built by Roben manufacturers, material of construction 304SS


Used Mills

Used Mills Most types of product production lines will have some type of mill or pulverizer for size reduction to make the desired particle size for dry products, wet products, or disperse solids in a slurry. The size reduction occurs either by impact, attrition, or crushing. The capacity of the pulverizer or mill depends on the type of material, and the fineness desired. Pulverizers and mills range in design features for efficient size reduction for a range of products in the chemical, mineral, pharmaceutical and food industries.

The different classifications of Mills are:

  • Ball Mills & Pebble Mills – Basically a horizontal tube with balls or stone grinding media, that grinds the material as the tube rotates. Can be batch or continuous, wet or dry grinding.
  • Colloid mills – these grind solids in slurry.
  • Kady Mills – special type of high energy dispersion mill used to grind particles in slurry.
  • Shot, Sand, and Media Mills – typically used in the dye and pigment industries, these incorporate a cylindrical chamber that is filled with small diameter shot or sand and agitated, as the product flows through the agitated chamber. The media grinds the product as it passes through.
  • Roll Mills – Can be 2, 3, 4, or 5 rolls, used to disperse pigments in ink and paint by crushing the product between the rolls.
  • Raymond Roller mills – Uses a pan and rotating rollers to crush and grind dry products in the pan. Seen in mostly mineral and coal production plants.

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  Stock NumberProductSub GroupCapacityDescription
IPP Equipment Search Image 6388MILLROLL24****24" x 60" Adamson roll mill with dual drives. Cored rolls with rotary joints. Manual tension adjustment, front roll driven through Falk #9GDB right angle reducer, ratio 8:1, by 100 HP 3/60/440 V, 720 rpm UL label motor. Rear roll driven through Falk #11GDB right angle reducer, ratio 8:1, by 150 HP D.C. motor 850 to 1200 rpm, 230 V, 15.99 rpm front roll, 16.89 to 23.826 rpm rear roll. With hinged guides. Mfd. 1954, SN D-943-1.
IPP Equipment Search Image 24044MILLROLL726" x 12", Vaughn combination 2-roll lab mill and 3-roll calendar. W/accessories and drive. Solid frame, no caps. Both units driven by same drive. 8" x 14" vert 3-roll calendar.
IPP Equipment Search Image 43085MILLROLL60136" dia x 13" Thropp chrome plated 2-roll mill system. Mfd by Mullins Mfg, SN T2610. Hi-temp oil heated rolls. Manual roll adjustment w/ratchet bars. Flood lubricated bearings. Unit has infinite variable ratio. Each roll driven by US varidrive
IPP Equipment Search Image 46815MILLROLL968" dia x 16" long, Farrel CS 2-roll mill. Cored rolls w/rotary joints. Manual roll adjustments. Designed for ratchet (missing bar). Driven by approx 50 HP motor.
IPP Equipment Search Image 71321MILLROLL132JH Day 3-roll mill. CS roll measures 11" dia x 32" long. SN 20554-1. W/approx 10 HP motor. Mill mtd on CS stand.
IPP Equipment Search Image 71978MILLROLL726" x 13" Reliable lab 2-roll mill. Mill Number 2911. Having chrome plated cored rolls w/rotary unions, split end guides, stripper blade, micrometer roll adjustments and safety devices including overhead cable, knee safety and ventilated hood w/plexiglass safety covers. Unit driven by 7 1/2 HP motor w/rolls setup for 1.4:1 friction ratio. Electricals: 208 volts, 3 phase, 60 Hz.
IPP Equipment Search Image 71979MILLROLL726" x 13" Farrel lab 2-roll mill. Mach #62A-615. Cabinet style having chrome plated cored rolls w/rotary unions, split end guides, stripper blade, micrometer roll adjustments and safety devices including overhead cable, knee safety, and ventilated hood w/plexiglass safety covers. Unit driven by 7 1/2 HP motor w/rolls setup for 1.4:1 friction ratio. Electricals: 208 volts, 3 phase, 60 Hz. Rolls can be heated up to approximately 250-300 degrees.
IPP Equipment Search Image 104128MILLROLL8016UNUSED 8" diameter x 16" face 2-roll mill, (200mm x 400mm), Manufactured by Iddon Brothers Limited. Type 8 inch x 16 inch. Serial Number M/305/82/E, rolls driven by 11 KW, 1440 rpm motor thru David Brown gearbox, Type BU, Size 800, ratio 25:1, roll speed 15.5 rpm.rolls are manually adjustable and are cored for steam heating, knife discharge. Brake 250mm Dewhurst, NS type, 3/50/380 volts.
IPP Equipment Search Image 112080MILLROLL2020" x 60" Adamson CS 2 roll mill. Cored rolls for cooling with rotary joint. Manual clearance adjustment. Driven by 150 hp 3/60/400V, 1725 rpm motor through a Lufkin 11.69-1 gear reducer.
IPP Equipment Search Image 208819MILLROLL164216" diameter x 42" face Bolling 2 roll mill. Manufactured by Intercole Bolling Corporation, Serial number 13582. With (2) cast iron chill rolls surrounded by Aluminum housing. Driven by a Horsbough Scott drive, 75 HP 3/60/230/460V, input 1150 rpm, 48 to 1 ratio. With (2) spare rolls, spare gear box and other misc. parts.
IPP Equipment Search Image 212899MILLROLL3 X 83" diameter x 8" long, Chrome plated, two roll mill sized for laboratory applications. Manufactured by Reliable. Serial # 4021. With cored rolls for either heating or cooling. Low pressure steam used for roll heating (15 psi) service water for cooling (50 psi) Driven by a 3 hp, 1730 rpm US motor through a Koellmann Gearbox, serial # 3746, size CG140-3051 rated for input 1750, output 30, at a 57.66 ratio. . With safety interlocks, manual adjustment for nip. Mounted on a stand with on board explosion proof controls. Class 1 Group D. Overall dimensions; 6' long x 2' wide x 5' high.
IPP Equipment Search Image 218890MILLROLL121212" Face, Farrel 2 roll lab mill with heated rolls. Manufactured by Farrel Rochdale, Lancashire England, Machine Number 95M2044, with 2 rolls 12" face. The rolls can handle up to 230 degrees C ( 376 F).Manual knife scraper discharge, manual gap adjustment, with Delta Therm heater, 34 amp, 3/60/460 volt, 12000 watt, rated 270 degrees to 300 degrees F.
IPP Equipment Search Image 221186MILLROLL150Gundlach 2 roll crusher, w/feed and discharge shuts, vibrator on feed side. 3 phase 150 hp motor

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