600,000 Tons/Year PET Resin Polymer Plant (#600310)

Easily Expandable To 850,000 Tons/Year of Bottle Grade Polyethylene Terephthalate Production Capacity

Produces Bottle Grade Pet Chips, Fiber Grade Polyester Staple & Amorphous PET resins

Operating Cost Comparable To A New Plant

  • Will Sell, Lease or Rent Part Of Or Whole Facility
  • Operating Cost Comparable To A New Plant
  • Can Be Operated In Place Or Moved To Other Locations

General Overview:

  • Products Produced: (Process Guarantees Are Available With Expansion)
    • 250,000 Tons/Year PET Resin (Bottle)
      Easily Expandable To 850,000 Tons/Year
    • 250,000 Tons/Year PET Fiber
    • 100,000 Tons/Year Amorphous PET
  • Available Lines:
    • (3) Central Monomer Plants; 150,000 Lbs/hr (total)
    • (7) Polyester Staple Fiber Continuous (CP) Lines; 63,000 Lbs/hr (total polymerization)
      Includes Spinning Lines and PET crystallizer.  Served customers who produce textiles, non-wovens like diapers or  disposable fabrics, and fiberfill used in home furnishings and outdoor wear.
    • (5) Bottle Resin Continuous Polymerization Chip Lines; 92,000 Lbs/hr. Capable of producing a wide variety of resin chip products that were used by customers to make PET bottles, packaging and blow molding extruder-fed products. 
    • (3) Solid State Polymerizers (SSP) ; State-of-the-Art, Pre-crystalizers & crystalizer
    • (2) Bühler Plants: Built 1994, rated 150 Tons/Day (each)
    • (1) Bühler Plant: Built 1997, rated 300 Tons/Day
    • SSP PET Chip Feed and Pellet Storage System
    • (3) CP Lines Match the Capacity of the (3) SSP Plants
    • Railroad Car Washing and Drying System (Fully Automated)
  • Site Features:
    • Fully Serviced By Rail
    • On-Site Rail Spur Capable of (160) Car Storage
    • Over (100) Silos (18 MM Lbs. Total Storage)
  • Property Summary:
    • 100 Acres Within Fence (Part Of 760 Acre Industrial Park)
    • 1.1 Million Sq. Ft. of Total Building Space Under Roof
    • High Bay Fully Automated Warehouse
  • Utility Systems Available On-Site:
    • 400,000 Lbs/Hr @ 315 PSIG Steam
    • 225 MM BTU/Hr (Input) Hot Oil Systems (6 Total)
    • 750 Million Gallon/Day Fully Permitted Waste Water Treatment Plant
    • 8,300 Tons of Refrigeration (5 Chillers)
    • 36 MW Heavy Duty Grid Connected Electricity (Dual Feed Protection)
  • Complete Documentation Available

PET Production Process Control Technology

  • Utilities –SqD PLC, AB PLC, AC Combustion Control, Moore Controls
  • Monomer –Foxboro I/A DCS, RTP DCS
  • Polymer –Foxboro I/A DCS, Foxboro Spec 200
  • Spinning –SqD PLC, Foxboro DCS
  • Staple –Foxboro I/A DCS, AB PLCs
  • Services –SqD PLC

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