225,000 Tons/Year Complete Suspension Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Resin Plant #600270

Immediately Available to Start Manufacturing - Complete Plant Still Installed

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  • Major Upgrades: 1995
    • New EVC Technology Stripping System ($30 MM project)
  • Product Produced: Pipe Grade Resin (K=67)
  • Raw Material: Vinyl Chloride Monomer (VCM)
  • Process:
    • Suspension Contact IPP for Process Description and Process Flow Diagram
  • Process Control:
    • ABB “Advanced System”
    • All field instrumentation is electronic
  • Major Equipment Includes: (Contact IPP For A Complete List)
    • (6) 18,500 304LSS Gallon Reactors: 200 PSIG, 11.8’ dia. x 18’
    • (6) 13,000 Lbs/hr 304LSS Bartlett-Snow Rotary Kiln Dryers
    • (6) 24” x 36” 304LSS Bird Centrifuges: 50,000 lbs/cu. ft., 75 hp, 1,775 RPM
    • (2) 64” dia. x 35’ Stripper Columns: (34) Dual Flow Trays, 230 GPM, Duplex 2205 SS
    • (1) 60,000 Lbs/hr Babcock and Wilcox Steam Boiler
    • (1) 20,000 Lbs/hr Titusville Steam Boiler
    • Silos: (4) Large CS Storage; (6) Large 304LSS Loading
    • (2) 1,313 Sq. Ft. Spiral Heat Exchangers
    • (2) 780 ACFM Sulzer-Bingham Vacuum Pumps: 60 hp
    • (4) 400 ACFM Nash Compressors: 150 hp
  • Advantages:
    • PVC plant is built in a "modular" manner, with several pieces of equipment in parallel. If less production is desired, reactors, dryers, etc, can be removed or eliminated to make it energy efficient. Additional equipment can be stored in the yard, ready for a future production increase.
    • A used PVC plant will save investment capital (up to 50%).
    • Purchasing a used PVC plant will reduce project implementation time by half, as production will begin quicker. Our plant can be easily moved and installed, with all technical data, foundation design, piping sketches, layout, etc. included. We also have all piping and valves.
    • You can enrich your present technology by acquiring the up to date technology included with the plant.
  • Complete Documentation Available (Including records of production, quality, safety and consumption achievements)

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