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Methanol Plant - 350 TPD

Stock Number: 600304
Capacity: 350 mt/day
Year Built: 1997
Status: Available
Technology: The plant was designed with technology for both low-pressure synthesis and distillation.


Raw Material: Synthesis Gas
Products Produced:

Methanol (Grade AA) to be used in the following:

  • Acetic Acid
  • Solvents
  • Vitamin Products
  • Formaldehyde
  • Anti-Knocking Agents
  • Antifreeze
  • Different Chemical Synthesis
Utilities Consumed:
Natural Gas, electricity, Steam, Water
Brief Overview:

Capacity: 350 mt/day of methanol using syngas as the raw material. 

Start Up: 1997

Process: Uhde process is free & clear to practice.  Catalysts can be supplied by JMC or BASF.

• The plant has been very well-maintained and is in very good condition.

• The site has good rail and truck access.  The nearest major ports are within 100.

• There are no licenses involved with this process. 

• Process control system is ABB Procontrol.

• Documentation is excellent.

• The plant can be operated with only two people per shift.



Process Description:

The process has been designed for the production of synthetic gases from heat value-rich waste, bio-waste and different types of coal. 

Process: The process is a middle pressure process at 45 bar.  The synthesis gas came out from the synthesis gas generation with 24 bar and have been compressed to 45 bar.  The compressor is included in the scope.

Click Here for A Detailed Process Description

Major Equipment:

Compressor:  Built in 1995.  This centrifugal compressor operates with make-up gas (MUG) on one side and recycle (REC) gas on the other side.  It compresses 50,000 Nm3/hr of make-up gas from 19 bar at 44 °C to 44 bar at 117 °C.  It compresses 285,000 Nm3/hr of recycle gas from 37 bar at 37 °C to 42 bar at 49 °C.  It has a 4,000 kW electric drive motor.

Activated Carbon Reactor:  2.2 m diameter and 9.4 m tall.  Constructed of carbon steel.  Rated for 54 bar at 160 °C.   Fixed bed with 5 m3 of activated carbon and 19 m3 of Al2O catalyst type R 10/20. 

Deoxo Reactor:  2.2 m diameter and 4.3 m tall.  Constructed of carbon steel with stainless steel lining.  Rated for 54 bar at 230 °C.  The deoxo reactor uses BASF Puristar palladium-based catalyst type RO-20/47 (catalyst has been removed and reclaimed). 

Guard Bed Reactor:  2.2 m diameter and 7.7 m tall.  Constructed of carbon steel.  Rated for 54 bar at 250 °C.  The guard bed reactor utilizes a zinc oxide-based catalyst on top of 22 m3 of a BASF Puristar copper-based catalyst type R3-15. 

Methanol Reactor:  4.0 m diameter and 12.5 m tall.  Constructed of carbon steel shell with stainless steel tubes rated for 54 bar at 270 °C.  The tubes are packed with a copper-based BASF catalyst type S 3-86.  The temperature in the catalyst tubes is monitored at the top and bottom by 12 thermocouples.  The tube side operates at 45 bar and 250 °C.  The shell side produces 36 – 43 bar steam.

Crude Methanol Storage Tank:  3.8 m diameter by 21 m tall.  It holds 250 m3 and is constructed of carbon steel.  It is rated for 0.5 bar and 70 °C.

Topping Column:  3.5 m diameter at the bottom and 1.2 m diameter at the top.  It is 33.5 m tall with 48 sieve trays.  Both the column and the trays are constructed of carbon steel.  The column operates at 3.5 bar and 130 °C.

Refining Column 1:  2.3 m diameter and 40.4 m tall with 73 sieve trays.  Both the column and the trays are constructed of carbon steel.  The column operates at 6.5 bar and 250 °C.

Refining Column 2:  3.0 m diameter and 39.5 m tall with 68 sieve trays.  Both the column and the trays are constructed of carbon steel.  The column operates at 0.25 bar and 110 °C.

Pure Methanol Storage Tanks (2):  2.8 m diameter by 22 m tall.  They hold 129 m3 and are constructed of carbon steel.  They operate at 0.25 bar and 35 °C.

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