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500 T/D Nitric Acid Plant

Acid Gas Removal "Selexol" Unit

Air Separation Plants

Air Separation Unit-70 MTPH

Air Seperation-Oxygen-200 Nm3/hr-VSA

Ammonia Column System-1701

Ammonia Plant - 1200MTPD

Ammonia Plant - 1500 TPD

Ammonia Plant-1,600 MTPD

Ammonia Plant-1000 STPSD

Ammonia Synthesis Gas Unit

Ammonium Nitrate Plant - 300 Ton

Ammonium Sulfate Plant-108,000 MTPY

BPA Distillation System- 8mt/hr

Brine Evaporation

Brine Stripping Distillation Process

Butadiene Plant-90,000 TPY

C4/C5 Fractionator Unit-850,000 MTPY

Caprolactam Plant-60,000 MTPY

Carbon Extraction Unit

Cement-Dry Mix Mortar-60 tons/hr

Coffee - Roast, Grind & Package

Concrete Plants-Dry Mix 240 m3/hr

Copier Toner Plant - 1200 MTPY
Can Produce Powder Coatings

Cracker Complex

Cryogenic Storage Tanks

Crystallizer System-30 m3/hr (28,000 kg/hr)

Cyclohexane Plant-80,000 MTPY

Cyclohexanone Plant-55,000 MTPY

Dimethyl Formamide-24,000 MTPY

Dye Plant With Real Estate-5,000 TPY

Emulsion Polyvinyl Chloride (EPVC) Manufacturing Plant - 75,000 MTPY

Esterification Plant-460 MTPD

Esterification Plant-460 MTPD

Esterification Plant-760 MTPD

Ethylene Splitter Column System

Extruder Line-ZSK 250 Twin Screw

Fatty Acids Complex-Complete 155,000 MTPY

Fatty Acids Plant-90,000 MTPY

Fiberglass Tissue /Glass Wool Production Plant - 50MM m2/year

Flavors and Fragrance Plant

Formaldehyde Plant-200 MM lbs/year

Formaldehyde Plant-240 TPD

Gas Cooling Unit

Gasification (Clean Syngas)-3,000 MTPD

Gasification Unit

Gel Detergent Plant - 150 MM lb/yr Formulation, Filling, Packaging Lines

Grey Water Treatment Unit-33 M3/hr

HCL Recovery Unit-24 m3/hr

Hexane Solvent Drying Column System

High Pressure SS Stripper Column System-1706

High Pressure SS Stripper Column System-1801

Higher Amines-24,000 MTPY

Hydrogen Plant - 40000 SCFH

Hydrogen Plant-22,500 nm³/hr

Hydrogen Plant-2500 Nm3/hr

Hydrogen Plant-6,500 Nm3/hr

Hydrogenation-Buss Loop Reactor System

Hydrotreater Unit-2,300 BPD

Incinerator Plant-5 m3/hr liquid waste

Isopropyl Alochol (IPA) Plant-436 MM lbs/yr

Latex Emulsion Plant

LLDPE Plant-140,000 TPY

LNG-Peak Shaving Plant-2,400 Nm3/hr Nat’l Gas (4m3/hr of LNG)

MDI Plant-65,000 TPY

Melt Crystallization Unit-500 kg

Methanol Plant - 350 TPD

Methanol Plant-25 STPD

Methanol-25 STPD

Methyl Amines Plant-46,000 MTA

Milk Powder Plant-900 kg/hr

MTBE/TAME Plant-3,500 BPSD

Nitric Acid-1000 TPD

Octene Purification Column System

PET Recycling Plant- Up To 12,000 lbs/hr

PET-DMT(Dimethyl Terephthalate)-140,000 MTPY

Phenol Plant-69,500 TPY Total

Phenol Recovery System-16 mt/hr

Polyester Fiber-High Tenacity-6,500 MTPY

Polyester Resins (PET)-600,000 TPY

Polyethylene (LDPE)-110,000 TPY

Polyisobutylene (PIB) Process Plant - Produces 112,000 MTPY, Also Has MTBE Production

Polymer Distillation Unit-112,000 MTPY

Polyol Facility (w/Propylene Oxide)-20,000 MTPY

Polyols Plant - 20,000 TPY

Power Generation - 11 MW, 60 Hz w/ (2) 5.5 MW Turbines

Power Plant - 165 MW Oil-Fired Condensing

Power Plant - Natural Gas Fired Power Plant, 10 MW Cogeneration Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

Power Plant - Steam 5.25mw/50cyc

Power Plant- 15 MW Diesel Generators

Power Plant-(2) 22MW Turbine Generators

Power Plant-1.8 MW-Steam Turbine Gen.

Power Plant-10MW-GTG w/Heat Recovery

Power Plant-12,000 Kw-Steam Turbine

Power Plant-26.5MW Natural Gas

Power Plant-3.2 MW Cogeneration Plant (CHP)

Power Plant-33MW HFO

Power Plant-5,500 kw-Steam Turbine

Propylene Oxide (PO) Plant - 20,000 TPY

Propylene Splitter Column System

PVC Plant - 150,000 MTPY

PVC Suspension-220,000 MTPY

Rail Car Dumper-12 cars/hr

Real Estate-Full Scale Specialty Chemical Mfg. Facility-28 Acres

Real Estate-Specialty Chem. Plant

Real Estate-Synthetic Chem. Plant

Refinery-Crude Oil-172,000 BPD

Refinery-Crude Oil-80,000 BPD

Sodium Hypochlorite-18,000 TPY

Solvent Column System

Solvents Plant-IPA and M&H

Sorbitan Ester Manufacturing Plant - 9,500 MTPY

Sour Water Stripper Unit

Specialty Chemical Manufacturing Facility-106,800 Sq. Ft.

Specialty Chemical Processing Plant

SSP(Solid State Polymerization)-185 TPD

Steam Stripping-DMA

Styrene-Ethylbenzene Splitter Column System

Sulfur Recovery Unit

Sulfuric Acid Plant-2,400 TPD

Suspension Polyvinyl Chloride (S-PVC) Production Plant-170,000 MTPY

Synthetic Chemical Plant

Tail Gas Treatment Unit

TDI Complex-75,000

Toulene Recovery System-18 mt/hr

Triacetin Manufacturing Plant - 15,000 MTPY

Urea Formaldehyde Plant-30,000 TPY

Urea Plant-1,100 MTPD

Urea Plant-600 TPD

Vapor Recovery System-1,570 CFM

VCM Plant - 400,000 MTPY

VCM Plant-120,000 MTPY

VCM Plant-260,000 MTPY


Wastewater Plant-400,000 Gallons/Day

Wet Pigment Dispersion/Grinding System-1600 kg/hr

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Stock Number: 601105
Capacity: 70 metric tons/hr

Brief Overview: 

Air Separation Unit Available Separately from a 3,000 Metric Ton/Day Clean Syngas Refinery Gasification Plant for Sale IPP Stock #600759

The Air Separation Unit is a Praxair ASU producing 70 Metric Ton/Hour of >95% pure oxygen. Main air compressor is a four‐stage Sulzer centrifugal unit with a 23 MW ABB motor. Booster air compressor is a Borsig unit with a 3.1 MW ABB electric motor, boosting the air pressure from 8.2 to 22.5 bar. Oxygen compressor is a Sulzer three‐stage unit with a 5.5 MW ABB motor taking O2 from 4.7 to 76 bar (max. 90 bar).


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