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60 diameter(in) buflovac drum dryer
( 1524 diameter(mm) buflovac drum dryer )

IPPE Stock Number: 238370

Equipment Category DRYER
Sub Group DRUM
Capacity 60 DIAMETER(IN) / 1524 DIAMETER(mm)
Product Description 60” diameter by 120” long Double Drum Dryer with vacuum housing and vacuum skid. Chrome plated carbon steel drums with 304 stainless steel, jacketed vacuum housing. Sanitary and polished construction suitable for food and pharmaceuticals but can be used for any batch processes, or converted to a continuous process. Drum rolls have a 16 micro-inch finish, all internals have a 32 micro-inch finish. External finish is 2B or bead blast. Vacuum housing is rated to operate at full vacuum. Drums are rated for 160psi/FV @ 375 degrees F (NB# 9918 and NB# 9919). Designed for use in class 1 division 2 atmospheres. 314 sq ft of surface area will evaporate 1287 lbs./hr. of H2O and Ethanol utilizing a 3.8 to 4.6 lbs./hr./ft2 evaporation rate. Manufactured by Buflovak a leader in the industry since 1901. Each drum is driven independently by a Nord hollow-shaft gear reducer with a 15 HP motor, drum speed range is 1 – 10 rpm. Spring loaded screw type manual adjustment assemblies with digital drum gap display. Pneumatic cylinder adjustable 304 stainless steel knife bars with clamp and acme thumb fasteners and pneumatically operated stainless steel end scrapers controlled by two NEMA 4X dryer mounted control panels. 8 zone steam jackets rated for 160 psi at 375 degrees F. (4) 6” tri-clamp top chamber inlets, (4) 4” tri-clamp product feed inlets, (2) 14” 150lb ANSI flange vapor outlets, (14) 1/2” NPT hot water jacket nozzles, (2) 1.5” NPT hot water jacket nozzles, (6) 4” tri-clamp internal drains, (10) 4” tri-clamp light ports. The Vacuum system is rated for 140 CFM, and is 304 SS contact, capable of handling 1,340 lbs./Hr. of vapor rate. Manufactured by Wintek Corp. Model # C380R50-WSS-=140/2-1FRss, serial # 140321. The skid mount system contains the following equipment: One-(1) 380 square foot, 304 SS contact, shell and tube pre condenser. TEMA C AEL, requires 180 GPM of cooling water at 50 degrees F. One-(1) Non code 304 SS 50-gallon receiver, with condensate pump. One-(1) Vacuum pump, SS wetted side, manufactured by Dekker, rated for 140 CFM, direct driven by a WEG 10 HP motor at 1750 rpm. One -(1) separator tank, non-code 304 SS, approximately 10 gallons. One- (1) Sealant heat exchanger, non-code, plate and frame, SS process side, requires 10 GPM cooling water at 50 degrees F. All equipment mounted in a CS frame work with ss interconnecting piping. The control system is a free standing Panel View Plus 1000 in a nitrogen purged enclosure good for Class 1,Division 2, Group D. It is located local to the machine, but will also send a signal to a remote control room. Located outside the classified area are the motor VFD, and electrical controls.


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