135 HP Phila bridge AGITATOR DRIVE #46788 For Sale

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135 horsepower drive agitator drive
( 101 kw drive agitator drive )

IPPE Stock Number: 46788

Equipment Category AGITATOR DRIVE
Sub Group DRIVE
Capacity 135 HORSEPOWER / 101 KW
Product Description 135 HP Phila bridge mtd agit drive. Mdl PTERVS-24, SN 305108. For open or closed tank mounting. 20.8:1 ratio, 1750/1165 rpm input, 184/55 rpm output. Compact design. Mounting flange CS face, 24" OD, w/16-bolt holes. Direct coupled to 100/66 HP, 3/60/460 volt, 1775/1175 rpm motor, UL label. No shaft w/unit. 6" dia CS stub shaft w/coupling flange 13 7/8" OD, 8-bolt holes.


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