11.9 KW Jahuel Keste AGITATOR DRIVE #705455 For Sale

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15 horsepower drive agitator drive
( 11 kw drive agitator drive )

IPPE Stock Number: 705455

Equipment Category AGITATOR DRIVE
Sub Group DRIVE
Capacity 15 HORSEPOWER / 11 KW
Product Description 11.9 KW Jahuel Kestermann 316 stainless steel flange mounted agitator drive. no shaft, For closed tank. Type BSRA-125/2RG5E/80GL, Serial #91-90-0335-01-01, 11.9 KW, 1000 rpm input, 145 rpm output. Right angle design. Mounting flange 660mm OD, 200mm ID, with (12) 20mm diameter holes. Mechanical seal with lubricator. Varispeed pulley drive, driven by Loher 13.2 KW, 3/50/380/6660 volt, 950 rpm Ex flange mounted motor. Electrically driven varispeed mechanism driven by 0.18 KW, 3/50/380/220 volt, 1380 rpm Ex motor. 316SS stub shaft, 80mm diameter x 390mm long with shaft connection flange 190mm OD, 80mm ID with (6) 20mm holes.


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