3.5" X 107", Titaniu AGITATOR DRIVE #210801 For Sale

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107 length inches shaft agitator drive
( 2718 length mm shaft agitator drive )

IPPE Stock Number: 210801

Equipment Category AGITATOR DRIVE
Sub Group SHAFT
Capacity 107 LENGTH INCHES / 2718 LENGTH MM
Product Description 3.5" X 107", Titanium, set of agitator shafts with hubs and paddles. Shafts are broached for key ways, 0.5" wide x 6.25"long on one end and 0.75" wide x 13" long on the other end. Hubs are four blade design, 8' high, by 19.75' across and 0.75 thick. Blades are 0.5" thick by 26.5" long by 9.75" high. Blades bolt to hub with 1/2" bolts.


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