200 m3 Aluminium ver BINS #223621 For Sale

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7060 cubic foot aluminum bins
( 200 cubic meter aluminum bins )

IPPE Stock Number: 223621

Equipment Category BINS
Capacity 7060 CUBIC FOOT / 200 CUBIC METER
Product Description 200 m3 Aluminium vertical silo, manufactured by Jansens & Dieperink BV, serial #99811-1, design pressure 80 mbarg @ 60 deg C, vacuum -5 mbarg, design density 0.60 t/m3, bulk density 460/600 kg/m3, max fill rate 36.6 m3/hour, max empty rate 50 m3/hour, max fill height 10.42m, 4.4m diameter x 12.24m straight side, bolt coned top, 3650mm high bolt coned bottom, silo can be un-bolted and dismantled into sections, mounted on a carbon steel ring, openings top: 1-43", 1-24", 1-5", 2-4", 1-3", 1-2", bottom: 1-10" with a stainless steel motorised rotary lock valve, manufactured by Waeschle gmbh, type FFK-480-SS/B2-P/DIN, openings: 1-250mm inlet, 1-150mm conveying pipe connection, 1-150mm air conveying connection, 1-80mm valve air leakage connection,


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