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2600 cubic foot bsh stainless steel bins
( 74 cubic meter bsh stainless steel bins )

IPPE Stock Number: 218904

Equipment Category BINS
Capacity 2600 CUBIC FOOT / 74 CUBIC METER
Product Description 2600 CuFt, 304SS Pneumatic Mixing Bin System with Dust Collector, Pressure rated, for Nitrogen blanket, designed to DIN Standards. Bin Pnuematic Mix System Manufactured by BSH, with Dust collector Manufactured by MikroPul Koln, 304SS Bin was manufactured by Norwalk Fabricators. Bin National Board Number 3216, Serial Number 6751H, Rated 75 psi @ 250 degrees F. Bin is 20,000 gallon, 132" diameter x 24'9"' straight side with 9'6" cone bottom, mounted on a mounting ring. Internal mixing head is type GIGANTS, manufactured by BHS, designed for 137 to 200 Kg/CuM product weight, with 2 to 30 um grain size. Designed to run a 24 hour batch. Designed for Nitrogen mixing gas. Dust collector manufactured by MikroPul, type HP42-6, 294 SqFt, rated 75 PSI, 72" diameter x 72" straight side, 304SS with (42) pulse jet nozzels, requires approx 6" diameter x 30" long filter cartriges. Top manifold is bolted, CS construction, with (6) pulse air inlet pipes. Highed acces door on dust collector. Bin Openings include: (1) 24" for dust collector piping, (2) 3", (2) 6", (2) 8"; Side - (2) 24" with cover; Bottom - (1) 18' outlet with slide gate valve. Bin has mounting ring. Will support 201,400 lbs. Bin cone bottom discharges via a Dezurick pneumatic slide gate valve, into a Gunter Schmidt Vacupress compactor, Size 380/550, driven by 1 HP motor.


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