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0 mmbtu/hr sterco hot oil boiler
( 0 mmbtu/hr sterco hot oil boiler )

IPPE Stock Number: 220626

Equipment Category BOILER
Sub Group HOT OIL
Capacity 0 MMBTU/HR / 0 MMBTU/HR
Product Description 0.08189 MM/BTU/HR, (24 KW), CS, Sterco Hot Oil Heater. Model #G 69016-J1, serial # 96B5149. This completely self contained and portable unit is designed to operate and maintain HO temperature at set points from ambient to 400 degrees F. It features automatic temeperature control to a specific setpoint, reliably and precisly. It is designed to work with a variety of commercially available heat transfer fluids. It has the following ratings: Watts per heater, 24,000. Max. HP =2, Volts 480, 60 Hz, 3 phase, 32 amps. Control voltage is 115 v. Max. operating pressure is 100 psi. Circulation is by a positive displacement pump with a mechanical seal. Cabinet size is 36" wide x 50" deep x 67" high and includes optional explosion proof controls.


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