644,000 BTU/Hr Fulto BOILER #222572 For Sale

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1 mmbtu/hr fulton hot oil boiler
( 1 mmbtu/hr fulton hot oil boiler )

IPPE Stock Number: 222572

Equipment Category BOILER
Sub Group HOT OIL
Capacity 1 MMBTU/HR / 1 MMBTU/HR
Product Description 644,000 BTU/Hr Fulton Electric Thermal Fluid Heater, Model FT-0640N, Compact Vertical design, National Board number 33931, Heater number 33931. Rated operating temperature is 650 degrees F, maximum working pressure 100 PSI, 480 volt, 189 KW, 228 Amps, 60 cycle, vertical coil design, 4-pass heater, Shell is 3/8" diameter, Heads are 5/8" diameter, HS 189 Square Foot. Thermal fluid content 79 gallons, 125 GPM. Includes a CS expansion tank. Expansion tank designed to mounted separate from the heater skid. Skid mounted with a Dean Brothers 1.5 x 3 x 8 -1/2 R434 circulation pump, 15 HP. Approx. dry weight is 2200 lbs plus expansion tank.


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