9.0MM BTU/hr, Loveco BOILER #83317 For Sale

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9 mmbtu/hr done hot oil boiler
( 9 mmbtu/hr done hot oil boiler )

IPPE Stock Number: 83317

Equipment Category BOILER
Sub Group HOT OIL
Capacity 9 MMBTU/HR / 9 MMBTU/HR
Product Description 9.0MM BTU/hr, Loveco CS direct fired gas oil heater. SN C-79-131, NB #2, Mdl NDEO686-18EK, blt 1980. Max allowable working pressure 150 psi @ 700 deg F. Heating surface 3180 sq ft. Heating coil openings: 2-4" inlets, 2-4" outlets. W/Bloom gas burner, SN PE-0679-15, Type 1026-100. Includes gas train panel and controls. Oil circulating pump not included. Skid mtd.


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