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5175 lbs/hr steam boiler
( 2 tons/hr steam boiler )

IPPE Stock Number: 212960

Equipment Category BOILER
Sub Group STEAM
Capacity 5175 LBS/HR / 2 TONS/HR
Product Description 5175 lbs./hr. at 15 psi., CS, Gas fired, three pass fire tube boiler. Manufactured by Burnham, Model # LN3L-150-50-G-BNM. Serial # 23733. Rated for the following: Gross output 150 HP, 5021 MBH, 5175 lbs./hr. , MBH input 6278. Fireside heating surface area is 750 sq.ft. Firing rate is as follows: 1000 BTU Gas (MBH) =6277, 140,000 BTU/Gal. Oil (GPH) =44.8. Safety valve rated for 6000 psi. Boiler has 182, two inch tubes. This boiler features FGR and low Nox operation with it's IRI gas train. While firing natural gas, emmissions levels are are no greater than 30 PPM of NO x. This boiler features 3 gas passes that extract the maximum usable heat from the fuel while maintaining optimum flow for forced draft firing. It also has easy opening/closing doors that minimize labor and parts cost’s while performing routine maintenance such as cleaning and inspections. Water requirements are 6551 pounds of water or 785 gallons. Approximate weight wet is 16,251 lbs., approximate dry weight is 9,700 lbs.


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