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10000 lbs/hr geka steam boiler
( 5 tons/hr geka steam boiler )

IPPE Stock Number: 214818

Equipment Category BOILER
Sub Group STEAM
Capacity 10000 LBS/HR / 5 TONS/HR
Product Description 10,000 lbs/hr, high pressure vertical natural circulation boiler. Manufactured by GEKA, Serial # 400018. Type NUK HP 2550. National Board # 21. Down flow model. Rated at 10 mmbtu/hr, with a normal operating pressure of 1100 psi. MAWP 1380 psi at 585 degrees F. Maxon Model "400" ovenpack II gas Burner fires into passing air stream, and burns any clean fuel gas. This burner provides clean combustion with low NOx levels. A New York pressure blower provides combustion air. It is a size 1910A rated for 2400 cfm and driven by a 20 hp Marathon motor at 3600 rpm. Inlet air is filtered by a 20" x 20" x 1" pleated air filter. The fuel train is dual feed, propane(enters from the top ) and Natural Gas (enters from the bottom) with controls by Honywell and American. The GEKA boiler is suitable for a closed loop system, where steam/condensate circuits are have a full condensate flow back to the steam generator. The heat consumer must be mounted at least 7 ft above the boiler and piped in a way so full condensate returns to the boiler by gravity. Once filled, the unit need not be filled again. The GEKA boiler is complete with it's own PLC control panel and includes all safety interlocks designed and installed to operate the unit in a safe manner. Totally automatic (72 hrs) without operator intervention.


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