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48 diameter inches ferrum basket centrifuge ; auto discharge-bottom
( 1200 diameter mm ferrum basket centrifuge ; auto discharge-bottom)

IPPE Stock Number: 208418

Equipment Category CENTRIFUGE
Sub Group BASKET
Product Description 1250mm diameter x 600mm deep 316L s/steel (1.4435) Ferrum basket centrifuge with Titus cyclone cake discharge system. Complete centrifuge and discharge system is gas-tight design. Manufactured by Ferrum, Serial Number 47-1321, 1250mm diameter x 600mm deep perforated basket, pressure rated 1.96 Sqm, 0 to 950 upm, 480 kg, 316L s/steel housing and cover, pressure rated 1.6 bar @ 120 degrees C. Top cover has 100mm sightglass with light, 225mm sightglass, 75mm wash pipe, 75mm feed pipe, 45mm, 80mm, and a 1/2 hinged cover; 150mm filtrate outlet. Unit has top entering feed and wash pipes and has a hydraulic knife for cake removal from basket walls. Cake is pneumatically removed from the centrifuge though a Krauss Maffei, Titan cyclone dryer, which pulls the cake out through the top of the centrifuge. Centrifuge basket is belt driven with an 11 KW luemann & Uhlman motor, EExeII 3 phase 50 cycle motor. Complete system includes a 630 liter SS horizontal mother liquor tank manufactured by Edak, Serial number 965/1, rated 1.6 bar, Krauss Maffei solvent condensor manufactured by J Engelsman, Serial Number 15641/2, miscellanous centrifugal pumps, K-M Titus cylone discharge system with 2,880 CuM/Hr, SS suction fan driven by a 30 KW, 3 phase 50 cycle EExeII motor, 385 liter 1.4571 SS cake cyclone, 692 mm diameter x 450 mm ss with 1100 mm cone, discharging the cake into a 500 liter 1.4435 SS jacketed product receiver, manufactured by Hanag, rated -1/2 bar @ -30 to 200 degrees C internal; 6 bar @ -30 to 200 degrees C in the 1/2 pipe coil jacket, with bolted dished top, cone bottm, 1/2 pipe coil jacket on cone bottom, 1000mm diameter x 342 mm straight side with 682 mm deep cone bottom. Entire system is sealed and designed for use in Solvent processes. Previous use allowed solvent ladened product cake to be dryed using ambient temerature in the cyclone air flow before being collected in the product bin.


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