600mm 1.4571SS with CENTRIFUGE #201061 For Sale

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diameter (mm) heinkel heinkel inverting filter centrifuge
(  diameter (mm) heinkel heinkel inverting filter centrifuge )

IPPE Stock Number: 201061

Equipment Category CENTRIFUGE
Capacity DIAMETER (mm) / DIAMETER (mm)
Product Description 600mm 1.4571SS with halar lining, Heinkel inverting filter centrifuge, type HF 600. Serial number 1019.11 Drum 600 mm diameter with a filter area of 0.42 square meter. Cake capacity: 52.2 liter. Maximum basket speed 1936 RPM. Maximum load 94 KG. Centrifugal force: 1200 xg. With filtrate discharge tank 875 mm diameter x 700 mm straight side with a 500 mm top opening . Hydraulic driven by 30 kW 3/50/380V 1450 RPM motor. With hydraulic translation powerpak driven by 3.0 kW 3/50/380V 1500 RPM motor. . Mounted on stand. Control panel. Floor space required: 2900 mmL x 1100 MMW x 500 mm H. Vibration dampers.


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