800mm Hastelloy C22 CENTRIFUGE #203934 For Sale

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800 diameter (mm) heinkel heinkel inverting filter centrifuge
( 800 diameter (mm) heinkel heinkel inverting filter centrifuge )

IPPE Stock Number: 203934

Equipment Category CENTRIFUGE
Capacity 800 DIAMETER (mm) / 800 DIAMETER (mm)
Product Description 800mm Hastelloy C22 Heinkel inverting filter centrifuge. Model HF800, Serial number 1063/13, 800MM bowl diameter. Rated 1150 RPM, 1600 RPM Maximum. Solid Haynes Hastelloy C22 for all process parts, 316SS for balance of exterior parts. Clean in place nozzles for solids and filtrate housings. Polished to 180 grit and electropolished solids and filtrate housings. Electric Rotational Drive, Hydraulic Axial System, Maximum Speed 1600 rpm and G force of 1150 G's, Bowl Diameter 800 mm or 32 ", Maximum Fill Weight 149 kg, Maximum Fill Quantity 119 liters, Nitrogen Purge Panel, Designed for Axial Hydraulic Skid. Built in 1990 for pharmaceutical industry.


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