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125 hp centrisys solid bowl centrifuge
( 93 kw centrisys solid bowl centrifuge )

IPPE Stock Number: 218244

Equipment Category CENTRIFUGE
Capacity 125 HP / 93 kW
Product Description 26" diameter x 112" long, duplex stainless, Centrisys solid bowl decanter with back drive. Manufactured by Centrisys, Model CS26-4/Z62-4 2-phase separation, Serial number 2649462. 360 degree solids outlet. Rated 3100 RPM bowl speed, 3000 G-force. Manufacturer specified flow rate in GPM is 200 to 400; Designed for 81 lbs/Cubic foot specific gravity of material. Main rotating assembly components are centrifugally cast Duplex Stainless Steel type 4462. Main drive is a 125 HP 3/60/230/460 volt, TEFC motor and hydraulic power pack; Scroll is driven by a 40 HP 3/60/230/460 volt TEFC motor. (2) Liquid discharge flanges, 1060 mm wide x 309.45 mm each. Solids discharge flange is 1060mm wide x 460 mm. Overall Dimensions: 5700.68 mm Long X 1406.6 mm wide x 1561.20 mm high. Rotating Assembly 8,054 lbs; complete centrifuge with filling (1.0 S.G.) 18,100 lbs, total machine weight 16,128 lbs. Manufactures states the flight pitch is 9-10 degrees.


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