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0 cfm dresser compressor chiller
( 0 m3/h dresser compressor chiller )

IPPE Stock Number: 210372

Equipment Category CHILLER
Capacity 0 CFM / 0 M3/h
Product Description second stage only of a Dresser ethylene gas refrigeration compressor, Dresser Mdl 2M7, SN 2-7-920F, (7-impellor) rated inlet flow 6781 cu meter/hr (3,990 cu ft/min); inlet pressure 2.64 barg (40 psi); inlet temp -6.6 deg C. Discharge pressure 19.6 barg (288 psi); discharge temp 143 deg C. 8600 rpm, critical speed 6510 rpm. Rated 2168 KW. the casing is fitted w/floating ring oil seals and are designed for operation in a refrigeration system on ethylene gas.


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