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horsepower compressor chiller
( 0 kw compressor chiller )

IPPE Stock Number: 706049

Equipment Category CHILLER
Product Description Carrier type 30HR-161-6911LE, reciprocating liquid chiller system, duty available 700,000 BTU/hr (205 kw), serial # 12R115820, contract # 40391, max operating pressure 30 bar (high), 16 bar (low), rated 180KW, 3/50/400 volt, refrigerant R22, built on control panel, mounted on carbon steel skid, system includes * (4) Refrigerant compressors, * (2) 6.67 square meter condensers type 09RQ-022-054, shell and tube design, refrigerant volume 62 liter, water volume 28 liter, outside shell diameter 273mm, * (1) 34.97 square meter cooler condenser type 10HA-160, shell and tube design, refrigerant volume 116.8 ltr, water volume 199 literr, (258) 2780mm long tubes, shell outside diameter 406.4mm, 4-refrigerant passes, (9) baffles, minimum water flow 9.9 ltr/sec,


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