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turbo ice ice machine chiller
(  turbo ice ice machine chiller )

IPPE Stock Number: 218604

Equipment Category CHILLER
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Product Description 21 ton per day, Turbo Ice Machine, complete flake ice plant. Model TAG21SAC, With a 50 ton Carrier reciprocating open compressor, model 5H80-A219, Serial number 39829NJ5, R22 refrigerant, 60 HP motor; Insulated evaporator box, 40" wide x 36" high x 97" long; Air Cooled condenser, galvanized construction with copper tubes and aluminum fins, 90" wide x 181" long x 42" OAH with cooling fans; Insulated Ice box, with vertical SS plates that form sheets of ice, 74" long x 95"wide x 118" high, with a screw conveyor under freeze plates that breaks the sheets of ice into flakes as they are conveyed out to transfer bin; pneumatic conveyor that transfers flake ice to Storage Bin. Bin is self contained Manufactured by SEMCO, rated 375 CuFt, 20 tons, Serial number 118739.


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