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300 tons frick low temp chiller
( 907200 kcal/h frick low temp chiller )

IPPE Stock Number: 203635

Equipment Category CHILLER
Sub Group LOW TEMP
Capacity 300 TONS / 907200 KCAL/h
Product Description 300 ton chiller designed to cool 40% Ethylene Glycol from 32 degrees F to 14 degrees F. Low temperature chiller skid manufactured by Frick (York International.) Frick # 292388. Designed to use R-22. This a complete skid mounted chiller including condenser, evaporate, and two (2) Frick RWBII-100E rotary screw compressors, designed for 350 psig high side, 300 psig low side, and each rated 298 BHP. Compressor A is a Model TDSH193S1746C, Ref. NH3/R22, Rated for max. speed of 4500 rpm. Max. Design pressure 362 psi. Compressor B is RWB II 100/100, serial # 30580MEMPTHAR2, ref. R22, Maximum speed is 3600 rpm. Max design pressure is 300 psi. Drivers are Reliance XE Premium Efficiency, 350 HP, 3570 rpm. ID # 1MAE73017. Rated for 3 ph, 60 Hz, 460 volts. Frame type 449TS. Comp. "A" 37490 Hours, Comp. "B" has 38193 hours. Evaporator is by Frick, NB # 109666, shell rated for 300 psi at 200 degrees F, Tubes not code. Built in 1993., Condenser is manufactured by Refrigeration Valves and systems, NB # 5428, Shell rated for 150 psi at 200 degrees F, tubes rated for 150 psi at 200 degrees F, Serial # 92945, Built 1993. Twin oil coolers are Frick NB # 109367, shell rated for 300 psi at 200 degrees F, tubes rated for 300 psi at 200 degrees F. Built in 1993. Complete skid mounted system with all piping and accessories. Controls are electronic, RWB II Plus, one for each compressor. Mounted in a stainless steel enclosure. Spare compressors are available.


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