157 ton, with a 70 S CHILLER #216317 For Sale

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157 ton recold tower chiller
( 0 recold tower chiller )

IPPE Stock Number: 216317

Equipment Category CHILLER
Sub Group TOWER
Capacity 157 TON / 0
Product Description 157 ton, with a 70 Square Foot Copper coil, and galvanized housing, Recold evaporative fluid cooler, manufactured by SPX (Recold), model JWH70C, serial JW-10026871-A1. High Flow unit, size C. Coil volume 182 gallons, with a 374 gallon sump. 3 hp sump pump with 250 GPM spray. Blower rated for 39,000 acfm, driven by a 25 HP motor. Rated for 576 to 850 gpm flow. Closed loop cooling system, chills by blowing air up through the coil while running water down through the top.


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