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750 tons trane water cooled chiller
( 2268000 kcal/h trane water cooled chiller )

IPPE Stock Number: 212709

Equipment Category CHILLER
Capacity 750 TONS / 2268000 KCAL/h
Product Description 750 Ton @ 40-60 Degree F Chilled water, Trane Absorption Chiller, Model ABSC 750, Serial Number L93F06348, single stage. Operates on Nominal 12 psig steam or Nominal 270 degrees F hot water. These chillers use 18 pph of low pressure steam per ton of cooling.(13,500 pph of 9-12 psi steam) Utility rate is controlled by the leaving chilled water set point. Chilled water flow rate is up to 1766 gpm, and can be set from 40-60 degrees F. These absorption chillers use water as the refrigerant and Lithium Bromide as the absorbent. Both of the items are non- toxic. Main components of the chiller are the generating section, the condenser, the evaporator, and the absorber. Additional components include the heat exchanger, solutions pumps, control valves and electronic microprocessor controls. These models use the Trane single pump system with 3 impellers, 15HP 3/60/460 volt, FLA 12A, max fuse size 45 a, purge pump 1/4 HP, 1/60/115 volt.


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