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3000 tons trane water cooled chiller
( 9072000 kcal/h trane water cooled chiller )

IPPE Stock Number: 216599

Equipment Category CHILLER
Capacity 3000 TONS / 9072000 KCAL/h
Product Description UNUSED,3000 ton @ 34 degree F Trane Centravac chiller. R-123 Refrigerant. Manufactured by Trane, Model CDHF3000 Chiller (Duplex), Serial Number L11D01776. Water cooled design. Built 2011. This chiller has dual direct drive semi-hermetic centrifugal compressors rated 0.45Kw/ton efficiency. Driven by (1) 893KW (LH Circuit) and (1) 946KW (RH Circuit) motors, 4160V, 60Hz, 3 Phase. Uses low pressure refrigerant to produce low refrigerant emissions. (R-123 Charge- LH 2650 lbs & RH 2650 lbs.) Maximum working pressure is 15 psi on both high and low sides. The condenser and evaporator have high efficiency tubing providing greater surface area. Packaged design with electronic controls employing the latest in technology for energy usage.


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