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12 diameter inch distillation engineering co. stainless steel still
( 304 diameter mm distillation engineering co. stainless steel still )

IPPE Stock Number: 213174

Equipment Category STILL
Product Description 12" diameter still system with out a still pot. Needs a 750-1000 gallon reactor to complete (sold separate) engineered by Distillation Engineering Co. Designed to bolt onto the top of a reactor with a 750-1000 gallon capacity. (depending on the chemical service) The system consists of the following parts. First a 12" x 80" SS packed column, second a top mounted re-boiler, and third a reflux tank. The column section is 12" diameter x 80" overall length. 316 SS, NB # 205, rated for FV/125 psi at 500 degrees F. Manufactured by Roben. With a packing support 10" from the bottom of the column. Estimated packed capacity is 5 ft.3. The U-Tube condenser is top mounted to the column. It is 150 ft.2, The shell is 316 SS. NB # 4892. The shell is rated for FV/150 psi at 450 degrees F. The tubes are rated for 100 psi at 450 degrees F. It is manufactured by Roben, serial # 81034. It is 18" diameter x 107" overall length. Two pass tube side. With 2" tube nozzles. The reflux/receiver tank has a 60 Gallon capacity and is manufactured from 316 SS material. It is orientated vertically. The dimensions of the vessel are 24" diameter x30" straight side, and is mounted on legs.


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