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24 diameter inch koch packed column
( 610 diameter mm koch packed column )

IPPE Stock Number: 214507

Equipment Category COLUMN
Sub Group PACKED
Product Description Wet air stripping process, VOC abatement system including: 24" x 46'4", 304 Stainless Steel packed bed distillation column, main portion of a complete wet scrubber VOC elimination system designed by Koch. This unit removes volatile organic compounds from an aqueous feed stream and was specifically designed to remove 95% of the 1,4 dioxine from a feed from a glycol recovery unit. After stripping the organics, the "bottoms" stream is 99.9% water while the vapor stream is 20% water. Can handle 2400-9000 lbs./hr. Column manufactured by Dusenbury, NB # 3611, serial # 665A. Rated for 50/FV at 350 degrees. 24" diameter x 46' 4" overall length with weld dish heads. With reflux distributor tray, 9 sections of Koch flexipack "IY", feed redistribution tray and another 27 elements of "IY" packing. All packings spaced at 10 9/16". Includes 66 Sq.ft., overhead condenser, rated for 1.46 mm/BTU'shr. Manufactured by Rubicon, NB # 943, serial # 2732-1. Shell rated for 50/FV at 300 degrees F, tubes rated for 150 psi at 200 degrees F. 131 Sq. Ft, Reboiler, rated for 1.86 mm/BTUhr. Manufactured by Taylor tank for Rubicon, NB # 944, serial # 2732-2. Shell rated for 50/FV at 350, tubes rated for 350 psi at 500 degrees F. Also included in system is a 75,000 gallon vertical feed tank tank (Also listed seperately under IPP 217484) 304SS construction with welded dish top and flat bottom. Manufactured by Wolfe Mechanical equipment. Rated for Atmospheric pressure @ 200 degrees F Serial # 3908. System cooler is an Alfa Laval, 200 sq.ft. spiral heat exchanger, and there are (2) circulating pumps each 35 gpm @ 27 ft./hd, Goulds pumps are included and mounted on the base of the tower. Utilities required: Steam at 300 psi=2400 lbs./hr, Cooling Water at 250 gpm @ 90 dgerees F supply & 105 degrees F return, Instrument air, 5 scfm at 100 psi.


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