1.8m diameter x 9528 COLUMN #215359 For Sale

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70 diameter inch packed column
( 1800 diameter mm packed column )

IPPE Stock Number: 215359

Equipment Category COLUMN
Sub Group PACKED
Product Description 1.8m diameter x 9528mm high, 316Ti s/steel packed condensing column, packed section manufactured by Julius Montz, fab # 11900/2, 6170 ltr, design pressure 5mm hg absolute (0.09 psi) @ 250 deg C, 1.8m diameter x 1.8m straight side, weld dished top and bottom, 10.8 sqm internal heating coil, 316 s/steel Pall ring packing, bottom with 4-904L s/steel vertical heat exchangers (candles), design pressure 100 psi @ 310 deg C, each with (5)25mm diameter x 2.5mm thick x 2682mm long tubes, condensing section, 1.4m diameter x 7728mm straight side, with internal heating Battery consisting of (64) 317L/904L s/steel thermoplates, 96 sqm, manufactured by Aco Engineering ltd, serial # 8325, type 120-350-1, dimensions 1250mm x 1250mm, design pressure 90 bar @ 200 deg C, shell -1/+8 bar @ 200 deg C, openings top: 2-50mm, straight side: 4-450mm manways, 2-250mm, 3-150mm sightglasses, 1-100mm, 1-80mm, 6-50mm, 2-19mm, bottom: 1-60mm, mounted on lugs, fully insulated and clad


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