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8 diameter inch packed column
( 203 diameter mm packed column )

IPPE Stock Number: 222479

Equipment Category COLUMN
Sub Group PACKED
Product Description 8" diameter, 316 SS, packed vertical column. Overall length is 17.4' consisting of 5 pipe sections bolted together by 150# flanges. Two bottom sections include one 20.5" vapor inlet with an 8" opening and a taper to a 6" bottom drain leg. Drain leg section is 15" long. bottom drain is 2", with three 3/4" NPT nipples for instruments Column top head is 25" long overall with a dished and welded top. The top head has two 4.5" wide x 12" long lifting lugs welded on. Top nozzles are three 3/4" NPT nipples. The top and middle section each have three 150# flanged nozzles, approximately orientated at 60 degrees, 170 degrees, 280 degrees , and 290 degrees. Each section has five welded 3/4" NPT nipples equally spaces at a 90 degree orientation. Column contains 5.6 cu. ft. of 316 SS Intolox style structured packing.


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