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53 inch diameter mechanica sarda packed column
( 1346 mm diameter mechanica sarda packed column )

IPPE Stock Number: 222790

Equipment Category COLUMN
Sub Group PACKED
Capacity 53 Inch Diameter / 1346 mm Diameter
Product Description 300 kg/Hr, recovered VCM stripping system, designed to stripping unreacted VCM from PVC slurry process reducing vent gas to less than 1 ppm VCM. This system is EVC Technology, and can be used to strip volatiles from a variety of liquid processes like waste water. Used in a 15 ton/Hour maximum dry PVC production line. VCM stripper system includes: 1355 mm diameter x 15780 mm high, SAF 2507 VCM stripping column system with support equipment. Column manufactured by Mechannica Sarda, Rated 1.2 bar/FV @ 110 degrees C. 23,500 liters. Weight 5000 Kg. System includes: (1) 76 square meter 316L stainless steel tube, 304 stainless steel shell and carbon steel head vertical heat exchanger. Manufactured by Ravagnan SpA. fabrik #5086, design pressure tube side 7.84 + vacuum @ 150 degrees C (534 liter), shell 6 bar @ 100 degrees C (370 liter), (305) 20mm diameter x 1.6mm x 4050mm long 316L stainless steel tubes. Shell is 6mm thick. (2) carbon steel bonnet head, 489mm diameter shell, 5635mm overall height, mounted on lugs, (1) Approx. 93 Square meter stainless steel process side spiral condenser, (1) 2700 liter 316 stainless steel vertical separator vessel, manufactured by O.C.S, pressure rated 3 bar + vacuum @ 149 degrees C, 1.4m diameter x 1.3m straight side, weld dished top and bottom, mounted on legs, miscellaneous stainless steel receivers and centrifugal circulating pumps.


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