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24 diameter inch packed column
( 600 diameter mm packed column )

IPPE Stock Number: 706527

Equipment Category COLUMN
Sub Group PACKED
Product Description 600mm diameter x 21m total height 321 stainless steel (10.5% Ni) high pressure stripper/packed column system, column is manufactured by Whaley Engineering Ltd, job #97/233, design pressure 21.14 barg + full vacuum @ 350 deg C, volume 5820 liter, 19479mm straight side, weld dished top and bottom, (3) 600mm diameter x 3043mm high packed sections, 25mm 321 stainless steel Pall rings, internal support plate and liquid re-distribution plates, mounted on a 1521mm high carbon steel skirt, the top of the column has an internal overhead condenser which is mounted in the top head, this is 750 square feet 321/Ti stainless steel ‘U’ tube condenser, design pressure tube side 75 psig + full vacuum @ 70 deg C, (120) ¾” diameter x 16 gauge x 4720mm straight ‘U’ tube length, 321 stainless steel dished head, system also includes (4) 175 square foot 321 stainless steel tube, shell and head horizontal heat exchangers (stripper feed interchangers), manufactured by Robert Jenkins & co ltd, design pressure tube side 450 psig @ 250 deg C, shell side 350 psig @ 250 deg C, (90) ¾” diameter x 16 BWG x 3172mm long 321 stainless steel tubes, six pass tube side, 356mm diameter 321 stainless steel shell, 3671mm overall length, (2) 321 stainless steel flat channel heads, mounted on saddles, (1) 140 square foot ‘U’ shaped Brown fin-tube carbon steel horizontal heat exchanger (overhead cooler), manufactured by GKN Birwelco ltd, type 51-1E000-820, pressure tubeside 6.9 bar @ 230 deg C, shell side 23 bar @ 230 deg C, (2) 48mm diameter x 0.145” x 6205mm long carbon steel ‘U’ tube, carbon steel shell, (2) 200 square foot Sandvik 3RE60 (duplex) stainless steel ‘U’ tube, 321 stainless steel shell and carbon steel head heat exchangers (bottoms coolers), manufactured by Robert Jenkins & Co Ltd, design pressure tubeside 100 psig @ 250 deg C, shell side 330 psig @ 250 deg C, (49) ¾” diameter x 16 BWG x 3045mm leg length Sandvik 3RE60 (duplex) stainless steel ‘U’ tubes, 2-pass tube side, 821-Ti tube plates, 321 stainless steel baffles, 348mm diameter 321 stainless steel shell, 3883mm total length, (1) carbon steel flat channel head, mounted on saddles, (1) 10 m3/hr @ 950 ft head carbon steel 7- stage vertical canned pump (stripper column feed pump), manufactured by J & S pumps ltd, serial #2829, type C7P72, normal flow rate 3 m3/hr, minimum 2 m3/hr, N.P.S.H available 12’, 15.85 psig suction pressure, 400 psig delivery pressure, 600 psig casing pressure, 54 deg C pumping temperature, driven by 30HP, 3/50/415 volt, 2900 rpm motor, mounted on feet. Process Description: Feed to the column could be as high as 7.9 m3/hr (7,400 kg/hr) of crude amine products at 250 psig and 180 deg C. The feed enters the column in the upper-middle section between the second and third packed-sections. An internal condenser is used in the top of this column to condense heavier compounds in the overhead stream. The condensed compounds are collected and further cooled in the overheads cooler before being sent to storage. The condensed overhead stream to the overheads cooler typically ran at only 0.1 m3/hr at 210 psig and 62 deg C but was rated for a maximum flow of 1.6 m3/hr. The piping is 2” diameter for the condensed overheads stream. The hot bottoms stream from the column is cross-exchanged with the incoming feed using four interchangers in series. The flow typically ran at 3.5 m3/hr @ 211 psig and 200 deg C but the system was rated for a maximum flow of 10 m3/hr. The feed was heated with these exchangers to 180 deg C. The bottoms stream was cooled by these interchangers from 200oC to 101oC. The bottoms stream was further cooled in the two bottoms cooler exchangers. These exchangers took the bottoms stream down to 30 deg C. Intermediate pressure steam was injected into the column bottoms at about 1.0 m/hr through a 3” nozzle to provide the stripping momentum


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