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22 diameter inch j.k innes packed column
( 560 diameter mm j.k innes packed column )

IPPE Stock Number: 706535

Equipment Category COLUMN
Sub Group PACKED
Product Description 560mm diameter x 14.4m total height 321 stainless steel packed column system (Azeotrope removal), column manufactured by J.K Innes & Co Ltd, job #N085025, design pressure 9.8 barg + full vacuum @ 183 deg C (at top), 11.2 barg + full vacuum @ 183 deg C (at bottom), 2–packed sections with 321 stainless steel type IMTP40 Norton packing, (1) 4.1m high section, (1) 2.1m high section, 321 stainless steel type 126 Norton distributor, (1) 321 stainless steel type 127 Norton re-distributor, 321 stainless steel type 818 Norton support plates, 321 stainless steel internal catchpan, (2) demister, bottom has a collector tray, mounted on lugs, the top of the column had an internal overhead condenser which was mounted in the top head (THIS IS MISSING), condenser was 23.4 square meter Sandvik 3RE60-A669 stainless steel ‘U’ tube, 321 stainless steel head vertical heat exchanger, manufactured by J.K Innes & Co Ltd, (64) 19.05mm diameter x 2.11 x 3272mm straight length Sandvik 3RE60-A669 stainless steel ‘U’ tubes, 321 stainless steel tube sheet, 321 stainless steel bonnet head, column sits on top of a Evaporator vessel with an internal heat exchanger, this is 6434 liter 321 stainless steel horizontal pressure tank with internal heat exchanger, manufactured by Stainless steel plant ltd, internal pressure 10 barg + full vacuum @ 317 deg C, 1650mm diameter x 2.7m straight side, mounted on saddles, one end with a 31.7 square meter 321 stainless steel ‘U’ tube and carbon steel head heat exchanger, manufactured by Stainless steel plant ltd, tube design pressure 10 bar + full vacuum @ 317 deg C, (78) 19.05mm diameter x 3.5m straight length 321 stainless steel ‘U’ tubes, (1) carbon steel bonnet head


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