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4 diameter inch tray column
( 102 diameter mm tray column )

IPPE Stock Number: 224133

Equipment Category COLUMN
Sub Group TRAY
Product Description 1450/2200mm diameter x 32820mm high carbon steel tray column system, manufactured by Fergal Stabilimenti spa, fabrik #2088, design pressure 20.6 bar @ 214 deg C, 86,000 liter capacity, top section is 1450mm diameter x 12790mm high with (2) sections of 9-trays @ 610mm spacing, bottom section is 2.2m diameter x 15570mm high with (2) sections of 9 trays @ 610mm spacing, mounted on a 2.2m high skirt, column with: (1) 1460 square feet all carbon steel tube and shell reboiler, manufactured by D.Bonaldi, size 25" x 240", design pressure tubeside 15.82 kg/cm2 @ 371 deg C, shell side 24.61 kg/cm2 @ 316 deg C, (378) 19.05mm diameter x 2.11mm x 6096mm long tubes, 2 pass tube side, double split flow shell side, shell 669mm diameter x 7061mm total length, 1 bonnet head, 1 x dished head, mounted on saddles, (3) 74.3 square meter carbon steel horizontal shell and tube bottom feed exchangers, manufactured by G.Gargano, type BES, design pressure tubeside 21.6 bar @ 232 deg C, shell side 25.9 bar @ 177 deg C, (207) 19.05mm diameter x 14 BWG x 6.1m long tubes, 2 pass tubeside, 1 pass shell side, shell 495mm diameter x 7032mm total length, 1-bonnet head, 1-dished head, mounted on saddles, unit re-tubed by CCM in 2003,


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