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54 diameter inch colin ryder ltd tray column
( 1372 diameter mm colin ryder ltd tray column )

IPPE Stock Number: 706529

Equipment Category COLUMN
Sub Group TRAY
Product Description 1372mm/1829mm diameter x 39482mm total height carbon steel tray extraction column system, column is manufactured by Colin Ryder Ltd, manufacturer job #W2466, design pressure 13.8 barg @ 200 deg C (at the top), 17.2 barg @ 200 deg C (at the bottom), 55,300 liter volume, top section 1372mm diameter x 30707mm straight side, bottom section 1829mm diameter x 2745mm straight side, (70) carbon steel valve trays with 321 stainless steel bubble caps, weld dished bottom bolt dished top, mounted on a 1525mm high carbon steel skirt, the top of the column has an internal overhead spiral condenser which is mounted in the top head, this is a 40 square meter 304L stainless steel spiral heat exchanger, manufactured by GEA Canzler Gmbh, type 2.1, design pressure channel 6.9 barg @ 200 deg C, shell 13.8 barg + full vacuum @ 200 deg C, 1020mm diameter x 2.8m total height, bolt dished top head, bottom side of the column has a reboiler welded horizontally into it, this is 49.4 square meter 316 stainless steel finned ā€˜U@ tube, carbon steel shell and head horizontal heat exchanger (reboiler), manufactured by Motherwell Bridge Thermal ltd, design pressure tube side 21.72 barg + full vacuum @ 350 deg C, shell 17 barg + full vacuum @ 200 deg C, 2-pass tube side, (194) 19.05mm diameter x 2.1 x 1180mm straight length 316 stainless steel finned tubes, 635mm diameter carbon steel shell, (1) carbon steel bonnet head, system also with (1) 27.9 square meter hairpin ā€˜Uā€™ shaped fin-tube carbon steel tube, shell and head horizontal heat exchanger (overhead product cooler), manufactured by GKN Birwelco ltd, type 407-4BCCC-2024AW, design pressure tubeside 6.9 barg + full vacuum @ 230 deg C, shell 15.52 + full vacuum @ 230 deg C, (7) 0.875ā€ diameter x 7392mm long carbon steel tubes, mounted on carbon steel brackets. Process Description: Feed to the column enters through a 76-mm (3-inch) nozzle at tray #36. Extraction water is injected at three 51-mm (2-inch) diameter nozzles at trays #10, 12, and 14. The feed in the previous service was 13.23 mt/hr of mixed amines. Extraction water was fed at 8.0 mt/hr. A 304L stainless steel internal spiral condenser is used in the top of this column to condense the lighter component in the overhead stream. The condensed lighter component is collected in a catch pan and further cooled in the product cooler before being sent to storage. In the previous service, 1.23 mt/hr of the lighter amine was recovered. Steam is used on the 316L stainless steel reboiler to provide the separation momentum. In the previous service, the bottoms flow was 20 mt/hr of mixed amines.


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